Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

By booking with CitySpeeddate, you are registering your acceptance of our Terms & Conditions and a Privacy policy.


1.      You must be 18 years of age or older to attend our events or create a profile at CitySpeeddate.dk

2.      No show or arriving late to an event will result in the loss of your tickets with no refund. Please be considerate towards other participants and be on time.

3. When you sign up for our events, you agree to stay until the event is over, otherwise it spoils the planned structure for the event -please be respectful to other guests.

4. Ticket purchases are non-refundable, however it is possible to move your booking to another event, given we receive a notice of 72 hours before the event start time. Please, contact us at events@cityspeeddate.dk and we will move your booking to another available event of the same value as your initial booking.

5. It is possible to give your place to a friend, in case you cannot make it. Please, contact events@cityspeeddate.dk and we will amend a name on a ticket reservation.

6.      CitySpeeddate reserves the right for changes at any time prior to the event start time on the event day, should any unforeseen circumstances occur.

7.      Should CitySpeeddate choose to cancel an event due to exceptional circumstances, you will be refunded 100% of the amount you have paid.

8.      CitySpeeddate assumes no liability for lost possessions under the participation in the events.

9.  By registering for an event organized by CitySpeeddate, you agree that CitySpeeddate assumes no liability for personal physical injury, property damage or other types of damage, losses or claims, direct or indirect, whether due to errors, inconvenience or other causes and that participation is at participants’ own responsibility.

10.  It is each participants’ responsibility to ensure the insurance policies covering the participant's participation in the events.

11.  By registering for an event by CitySpeeddate, you agree that we may use images, videos and statements from the events for marketing purposes.

12.  CitySpeeddate reserves the right for updating or changing Terms & Conditions at any time. Please, keep yourself updated with our Terms & Conditions when booking the events.

13.  CitySpeeddate reserves the right for errors and deficiencies on this website.

Chat and Messages

1.      It is not allowed to send or forward messages on CitySpeeddate.dk containing commercial content, spam, contact information of other persons or companies discriminatory content, offensive content, harassing content or content violating the law.

2.      CitySpeeddate reserves the right at any time, and without notice, report to the authorities posts and profiles in case the above conditions are violated.


1.      It is not allowed to use pictures of violent, sexual, threatening character or otherwise contain things that violate the law.

2.      Pictures may not contain links or references to other websites, may not contain contact information about yourself or others.

3.      CitySpeeddate reserves the right at any time, and without notice, report to the authorities posts and profiles in case the above conditions are violated.

Spam and Data security

1.      While we are using the market latest security technology on our website and are security requirements compliant, we encourage the users to be cautious about possible spam machine messages, links and other phishing activities, whose intent may be to lure personal information or money out of people.

2.      Please do not click these links and/or messages, and do not share any sensitive information such as address, credit card number or other personal information in with profiles you do not personally know. We have no control over the contents of those links or their representatives, and accept no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them. You are welcome to contact events@cityspeeddate.dk if in doubt.

Copyright and Reproduction

1.      All of the content of this website is copyright and a trademark of CitySpeeddate. None of the content of this website may be copied or used in any way without CitySpeeddates consent, including all the texts, photos, video clips, animations, logos, trademarks or any other material.


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