Here we collected some of the successful stories which our members shared with us. If you’d like to share your story, we would be happy to hear from you!

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Had a great time…and met someone special….

My friend and I had booked the tickets to a singles party in Copenhagen, as I was giving up on internet dating and wanted to try something else. I met a lovely girl and we had a fun time at the event. We’ve been together for nearly 3 months now and things are going really well. So I’m really glad I went!

Andreas, 28 years

Found love at speed dating event

I met my partner at my third speed dating event in 2020. At first, I thought it would be awkward, but was very curios to try. It appeared to be not awkward at all, as I’ve met many open and sweet people and had interesting conversations through the event. It was a great atmosphere and at the end most people stayed for a chat and drinks after the event.

Clara, 35 years

We are expecting our first child…

I met my now wife on a speed dating event in Copenhagen in 2019. We have been together for 3 years and expecting our first child!

Best wishes Caroline & Mads

A romantic story…

Me and my friend Amalie booked the tickets together to the Wine tasting event. It was our first experience of speed dating and we were a bit nervous of what to expect. At the event we’ve got along with the fun group of girls and guys and had a good laughter and a pleasant evening together. My friend had a good chemistry with Martin, who was one of the guys from the group. They got in touch via city speeddate chat messenger after the event and went on a second date. They have been together and dating for 5 months now. This was a very romantic story, and was a positive experience for me to try more events.

Nanna & Amalie, 37 years

Just to say thank you….

Just to say a big thank you! I’ve met my boyfriend at your event last year and feel grateful for this. Keep up with helping people to find Love!

Marlene, 30 years

I set my eyes on her right away

I spotted my now girlfriend as I entered the room. I noticed she was already sat chatting with a good looking guy and I was a bit disappointed! But as it was speed dating everyone got the chance to speak to everybody. By the time it got to our turn to date we’d talked about millions of things. By the end of the night I realised I had met a hilarious, cheeky and very smart girl. We organised our next date then and there, and almost 19 months later we are still together and couldn’t be happier!

Kristian, 42 år

Met sweet and interesting people

It was really fun to attend the speed dating event. I was a bit nervous at first, but when the event started, it was super fun and I met a lot of kind and interesting people. After the event, all the participants stayed at the bar to chat, which was great. It was a super good evening, in a relaxed atmosphere. I will definitely be joining future events!

Anne, 24

Chemistry was just there

I met my date at the speeddate event "Cards Against Humanity". I saw her in the bar where she was talking to her friend and I just knew that I had to talk to her. Shortly after, we naturally fell into conversation, and the chemistry was there right away. After the event, we both stayed at the bar where we talked and laughed until the bar closed. Before we went to home, we agreed to meet again. I got her phone number and we have now been on two dates.

Morten, 33

Met an amazing man….

I met my boyfriend at a single party in Copenhagen 2 months ago. It was a really good experience with great music, lovely people and some wonderful hosts. Best of all, I even met an amazing man whom I can now call my boyfriend. During the event, we met each other late in the evening, but fortunately there was enough time for us to chat a bit and have a dance before the event was over.

Sarah, 39